Howard Weinfeld

Hi, I'm Howard Weinfeld, welcome to my BrandYourself page!

Howard Weinfeld's Bio:

I'm Howard Weinfeld, an avid computer and information systems guy since a young age. From the time my father brought home our first Tandy TRS-80, and I was able to play games that were stored on a cassette tape, I was hooked. I even wrote my first computer program based on code from a tech magazine sometime in the late 80's, programmed it in all by myself at 10 years old, and got to play for about 4 minutes before it crashed the whole system! Those were a great 4 minutes though  :)

Howard Weinfeld's Education:

Howard Weinfeld's Interests & Activities:

Going to Yankees games, playing tennis, racquetball, baseball, softball, bowling, billiards, ping pong, darts, riding motorcycles, going to comedy clubs.